Thursday, November 27, 2014


Well, to stay I'm "stuck" is an understatement. I've been on what seems like a never ending spiral of depression. Some days are good but those days are rare.

The house that I bought fell thru about a week after my last post. When we made the contract the seller agreed to pay only $250 of any repairs that would need to be done. We had the inspection and it came back that there was basically $2000 worth of repairs that needed to be done, and that was without the things that would need to be looked at by an electrician or a plumber or whatever. So I didn't go thru with the house. I was crushed but it's all for the best. So I'm still living with my parents and I've decided that it is not terrible and I'm working hard to save up some money and whatnot.

I've talked about my depression before and I have mentioned that I see a therapist about once a month. I've been feeling worse and worse over the past few weeks and my therapist has been trying me on different anti-depressants. Well my therapist suggested that I might have adrenal fatigue. Basically it has a lot of the same symptoms as thyroid problems but I've had my thyroid checked about 3 times in two years and it always comes back normal. What are the symptoms I'm having you might ask? (Okay you're probably not asking but I'm going to tell you anyway) Basically I'm always exhausted, this is not just a tired feeling it is honestly exhaustion. I wake up in the morning and am tired all day, I sometimes take a nap on my lunch break. I go to sleep between 8 and 9 pm and sleep until around 7. I have severe anxiety. There are sometimes reasons for my anxiety but sometimes I could be having a relatively good day and then bam, all of the sudden I am so anxious that I can't even think straight. I crave large amounts of carbs (which doesn't sound like a symptom but it actually is), I always want some kind of bread or potatoes or really anything like that and if I get my hands on it then I could honestly eat til I'm sick. My therapist suggested that I go to a specific doctor that is the only doctor in our area who will test for adrenal fatigue. The only problem? She doesn't accept insurance. I was sketch about this at first so my dad had some of his doctor friends check in to it. Basically she doesn't accept insurance because most insurance companies won't pay for the tests that she does. My dad gave me the go ahead and I went to see her. I had to do a blood test (like 4 tubes!!!) and I had to do a 24 hour urine and saliva collection. I sent that all in and got the results back this week. I don't have full on adrenal fatigue but I am on the road to it. I couldn't explain to you what she said but she gave me a few different (all natural) meds that I have to take during the day. We are hoping that this will even out my DHEA and dopamine and seratonin and other levels so that I can start to feel better. (Keep in mind that I asked my dad and his doctor friends before I started taking these meds and they all agreed that this doctor is not a quack and that these meds should help me feel better)

I'm obviously still trying to stay on track with my budgeting and debt repayment but for now my main focus is trying to feel better.

I hope I didn't lose any readers since I kinda disappeared, I've missed yall.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

so i bought a house....

It's true, I bought a house. A real house, Alicia, not a doll house or a dog house. Lol.

It kinda just happened. I had a friend whose aunt was selling this house and I went and looked at it and fell in love. It's a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house in a good neighborhood. It has a detached garage and 2 sheds in the backyard. I got it for $82,900. I won't close until 10/29 but I don't care. I'm excited.

Now I'm going to have to readjust my budget but that's fine with me.

Wish me luck!

Monday, September 22, 2014

versatile blogger award ×2 (and a surprise at the end)

During my blogging hiatus I was nominated (TWICE) for a "Versatile Blogger Award," thank you to Kayla @ ShoeaholicNoMore and Brian @ Debt Discipline for the nominations.

This is an award that gets passed from blogger to blogger sort of as a way to get to know each other better. If you are nominated you have to share 7 things about yourself. Since I was lucky enough to be nominated twice I will be sharing 14. Yowza!

Stole this cute little pic from Kayla @ ShoeaholicNoMore

1. I am a Ginger. Not like fire engine red or like that super awesome orange-y red but strawberry blonde. It still counts.

2. I am obsessed with leopard print. It's seriously a problem. As I look around my room I count 13 random leopard print items. 

3. I have a brother who is probably my best friend. He is in prison. (Yikes!)

4. My sister is Chinese.

5. I collect Buddhas. Not because I'm Buddhist but I just feel like they're lucky. I have 20 or more Buddha statues in various sizes and colors.

6. I have never been out of the country! I would love to go to Mexico or somewhere tropical at some point in my life.

7. I have 5 tattoos. I love them all and I want so many more.

8. I have a serious love of guacamole. It just came over me once and now I get it anytime I eat Mexican food. Even just talking about it now I want to go get some!

9. I love cop shows. Law and Order SVU and Criminal Minds being my favorites. My mom thinks I should go into that line of work but I disagree, leave it to the people who don't mind the sight of blood.

10. I have a crush on J. Money. 

11. I love motorcycles. I tried to ride one once and it didn't work out too well (there were crutches involved) I also took a class to learn (I failed) but I love to get on the back of one and ride.

12. I also love Jeep Wranglers. I want one as my next car in the future. FYI I also think that if it's a 4 door Wrangler it does NOT count.

13. I think Johnny Depp is gross.

14. I BOUGHT A HOUSE. (more on that later)

That was the hardest thing to do! Coming up with 14 things to tell you about myself sounds like it would be easy but it is not!

My nomination for the award goes to Brandy @ Busted Budget

Friday, September 19, 2014

frugal fincon fiesta '14

Well as pretty much everyone and their dogs know its #FinCon14. And it's in NOLA (which is one of my dream vacation spots) and I'm not gonna lie, I'm jealous.
But some of us have to stick around and keep the blogosphere running! And we have to make that paper, lol.
So for those of us who are stayin we are having a blog hop.... would you expect anything else??

Here's the deets....

Join the FRUGAL FinCon Fiesta which will run Sep 18 – 20 to coincide with FINCON and allow people time to visit other blogs.

It’s a blog hop party and the purpose is to entertain questions from your readers.
This can be a great way to spawn future blog posts, if the answer is quite complex.

You can post some teaser questions and answers about random facts about yourself.

Non-blogger readers are encouraged to say ‘hi‘. (Oh please show us some love! <3)

Let’s do some banter in the comments as well, not the usual commenter comments and blogger responds. Let’s mix it up and comment to other’s comments for some $hits and giggles.

It will be super hot if you put a fiesta like picture in the header of your post.

We reserve the right to take down any spammy links or otherwise party-poopers who are not participating in the party with the spirit in which it was intended.

TWEET #FrugalFinConFiesta and HAVE FUN!

Let's do this guys.... ask me some questions.... the juicier the better!

Answer time!!!

Jean asked what my favorite vacation spot that I've been to- NYC. My mom took me there after I graduated high school and it was the best trip ever.

Brian asked me if my coworkers know about my blog, May asked the same and if they know then what do they say? - My current coworkers do not know. I feel that with some of my content its better to not broadcast it. I had one coworker at my old bank who knew and she thought it was great.

Femme frugality asked what my biggest PF win has been- this is a tough question. I think in my whole life my biggest win has been me paying so much on my car. I bought it for 18k in 2010 and I'm down to 5600 now.  That probably just means I'm right on track but it feels good to see such a drop in the number.

Brooke asked what is one big sacrifice/tactic I've used to pay off my debt more aggressively- The envelope system has definitely been my best tactic. I don't follow it like Dave Ramsey says but it works. My biggest sacrifice is just cutting back which seems silly but its true.

Tre asked what have I learned from starting my blog- That I'm not alone and that really helps. Its nice to be "surrounded" by people who know what I feel everyday and stuff.

Debs asked how did I decide on a career in banking and what would my second choice be- I kinda just happened upon the job and ended up loving it. My second choice would be an event planner but in my city there isn't a huge market for that.

Natalya asked how I lift myself up when its a bit too much on the repayment front- I dont know. I honestly still haven't figured out that aspect and thats probably why I disappear so frequently because I feel overwhelmed a lot.

Downstairs in Debt asked me what do I enjoy doing when I'm not blogging- I love hangin out with my friends. Watching movies. Doing crafts. Being silly. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

goal update

I think that maybe my goals were a little too large this month. I feel as though I'm suffering from goal overload. Maybe also just not feeling very motivated to do anything, finance related or otherwise.

I did make $8.91 by selling a wallet online. As soon as that hits my account I'm moving it directly to savings. Not that $8.91 is much but hey, better than nothin! One day a couple of weeks ago I was really sick and left work after being here for an hour so my check was smaller than normal. That sucked. But what sucked even more is that I had quite a bit of stuff that I needed to pay with that check. Like get my car tag renewed and my phone bill and I owe my mom a little money, and of course my car payment. So I'm basically down to 100 bucks to last me until the 29th.

Life is full of ups and downs and maybe right now I'm in the downs but it won't last forever.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


So I'm having some serious writer's block which is why I haven't been posting anything. That obviously doesn't look good for my blog posting goal for the month.

I'm in training for my promotion doing the hands on stuff: opening accounts, taking loan apps, doing wire transfers and stuff. It's a really slow branch and basically I spend a lot of time reading articles on BankRate and Investopedia.

How do y'all deal with writer's block?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

playing catch up.

It's been a rough week for me so I haven't posted in the last few days which just adds to my upset because it puts me behind on my goals for the month.

On Thursday my grandpa suffered a stroke and was airlifted from a hospital in his town to a hospital here in the city. He has been in the hospital since then and I've been up to visit him everyday, he seems to be better but when he gets tired he started having trouble with words and he gets confused. Then on Saturday I got a text from my mom saying that one of her dogs died. Now this would be pretty sad to anyone but this dog was my mom's pride and joy. She had designer hoodies, designer dog carrying bags, hell this dog basically had her own room. Needless to say my mom is devastated. My dad is also upset. I'm upset but it hurts more to see my mom so sad. So that's why I haven't been around, but I'm back and here is an update on my goals:

Update/September Week One:

  • Blog 5 days per week: Fail. I blogged 3 days. I did have family stuff going on so I'm not going to take this fail too hard, there is always next time.
  • Track my spending: Pass! I'm sad to say that most of my money was spent of junk food but I tracked my spending and I still have cash left over.
  • $1000 E-Fund: N/A. I have $600 in my savings account right now. I haven't gotten paid yet this month which is why it hasn't moved. 
  • Spend 2 hours on my side hustle: Pass-ish? I spent about an hour working on putting some stuff online to sell. 
  • *Bonus* 30 minutes of activity 3 days a week: Technically this is a fail. I did a lot of walking around at the hospital but it didn't count as physical activity. 

I do plan on going to the gym tomorrow after I see my grandpa so I hope I have it in me when tomorrow gets here. 

So, week two, here we go. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

what does your checking account do for you?

So more often than not people just walk into a bank and open a basic account but they don't really know what perks.... or downsides.... there are to that account. Do you know anything about your account?

Being that I've been in banking for 3 years I know what all of my accounts offer me. I know the minimum balance requirements and I know about the fees that I would have to pay if I was to overdraw my account. I urge everyone to get online (or be really crazy and go INSIDE a branch) and look up your account type or request a pamphlet and learn about it.

Did you know that some banks offer a discount on their loan rates just for holding an account there? I will say that usually that means you have to auto debit your loan payment from your account but c'mon y'all.... almost every PF blogger will tell you to automate your finances. My employee checking account offers me a 0.25% discount on my loan if I auto debit. I'm not gonna try to be a math whiz kid and tell you how much that would be on an $18,000 auto loan but it would be worth looking in to!

Do you know if your checking account earns interest? I used to think this was basically non-existent (and let's be real, interest rates are terribly low, so it won't be much) but some checking accounts do offer interest depending on your average collected balance. Only one of my checking accounts is interest bearing and it is on a tiered basis, so from 2500-5000 average collected balance I would get a certain percentage and so on and so forth. Now that looks like a lot to have in a checking account but some people do!

Everyone knows that each bank is going to have fees for various things from overdraft protection to mobile banking, but did you know some banks charge to receive paper statements? I mean when you think about the money the bank would save by just sending an email with your statement instead of printing the statement and paying for postage and mailing it out, it really does make sense. One thing that I like about e-statements is that the bank basically saves these on their network for usually about 7 years so you can go back that far and print statements when you need them instead of keeping your file cabinet full of statements you probably don't need that much.

I'm not going to pretend that I know the perks of every checking account everywhere but I am a firm believer in knowing what your bank/account offers. One of my accounts offers me discounts on meds and eye glasses. I can even send in $100 worth of receipts each quarter and they will send me a check for $10. So basically I send in $100 worth of receipts for groceries and gas and I get $10 back. That's awesome.

You may research your account and see that you are getting fees because you don't carry the required minimum balance or because your direct deposit doesn't meet the requirements the bank sets forth. Who really wants to be paying fees? Not me.

Research your stuff, you won't be sorry!

*****I can't get the link to work but this post is part of Financially Savvy Saturdays

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

pet peeves part 5.

And here we are ladies and gents, another round of "Things That Piss Me Off..." hahahaha. Yeah right. Just a few more bank teller pet peeves to [hopefully] provide you with a laugh on this lovely Tuesday...

Please be prepared- This is mostly for people who come to the drive thru. It irks me so bad when someone comes to one of my lanes and they 1. have no idea what they want to do 2. ask a million questions like I don't have 58 other things happening in the bank 3. sit around taking their time like there is not a line forming behind them! I am more than willing to send you a deposit slip or a pen if you need one but if you are going to need to spend more than 5 minutes asking me questions, please take a few extra moments and come in to the bank!

Please be patient- This kinda goes hand in hand with the last one... If you come to the drive thru (or the lobby) please be patient. If there are 3 other cars waiting you are not going to get helped any sooner if you drive to the other lane that just opened. We go in order of who came first and that's not going to change! Also when you come up to me after you have had to wait for someone else, that is NOT my fault. Do NOT get an attitude with me. I will travel thru that little tiny tube and I will poke you in the eye with an ink pen. Bet.

STAY OUT OF MY BUBBLE- I don't know how your bank lobby is set up but let me tell you a little bit about mine.... so you walk in and there are 3 open offices to your left. To your right is a little writing station with all the deposit slips and withdrawal slips in their respective cubby areas. Past the writing area are 2 offices (one is mine!) and then the "teller pod." The pod is a round island station with 2 computers and a cash dispenser between the computers. It is very open so that the customers could come around and stand right next to me. Or like one 3 year old girl who comes in with her grandma who likes to run around behind me and wait for the money to dispense so she can give it to her grandma. Anyway, getting off track, an older gentleman walked in one day last week and walked over to me and stood so close I could feel the hair on his arms tickling my arms. He was basically yelling in my ear and his breath smelled terrible. That being said, STAY OUT OF MY BUBBLE!! Respect other people's personal space, yall.

Okay, now I'm going to vent to you all about a co-worker of mine. I find myself thinking "she's only 20," at least 10 times a day because she gets on my nerves that often. So a few days ago she comes in to work and she tells me that her and her boyfriend talked about getting married.... (vomit).... well the hang up in the plan is that he is currently married and his first wife just "won't sign the divorce papers." Whatever you say, dear. The first wife apparently wanted a divorce so I'm not sure why she all of the sudden won't sign the papers. They live separately and don't have children so it's just real weird. Anyway my co-worker spent 30 minutes searching online what has to happen before she can marry this dude... well first, dude needs a divorce and second she apparently has to wait for 6 months before they can marry. Laws are different everywhere so now she thinks that since he was married in Tennessee things may be different. I had to listen to her talk about this until she got off work and I actually kept repeating "you're 20," to her and she got pretty irritated but I mean really, she sounded like an idiot. Of course if I was in a similar situation then I would probably be doing the same thing but I'm not and she is annoying.

Whew, thanks for listening.

Monday, September 1, 2014

let's do this

So here we go with my September goals!

September 1.

On Saturday morning I filled up my envelopes with cash and started tracking all my spending with a new app that I downloaded. It's a pretty awesome app and so far I haven't found anything wrong with it (and I'm pretty picky so I've definitely tried to find something wrong with it).
Expense Manager

One thing that I haven't discussed with everyone yet is that I got a "semi-promotion," I say semi because I didn't get a raise. That seems silly, right? But when I started my new job my starting hourly wage was more than the other tellers made. So basically I've been making the hourly wage of a banker already and just haven't been doing the job, yet. The exciting news is that this week (starting Tuesday) I will be in training for my new job title. I will be spending 4 days in a classroom learning about loans and opening accounts and all kinds of stuff. Of course I will have to take another test which won't be fun but I'm pretty pumped about it!


I've decided that along with my September goals I am also going to give myself "sub-goals" to work on during the week. This week they will be relatively simple (I think, lol):

~No fast food- during my last training class I ate fast food every day. Budget killer for sure! So I'm actually going to pack a bag of snacks and stuff to take with me EVERYDAY so that I stay satisfied and don't make a trip to WhatABurger. 

~Spend time after work studying- I am really nervous about this training class that I will be taking and I am going to try my hardest to spend some time each night studying my notes and what ever materials they provide me with. 


Blogs of Note:

I have recently discovered a new blog that I just love and I want to give her a little shout out so that everyone who reads my blog can run on over to hers and check her out:

Saturday, August 30, 2014

is there an app for that?

I love my phone. I'm on it a lot of the time and if I'm not on it then it's usually within arms reach. There are times when I'll just leave it in another room while I'm doing something but those times are few and far between.

This is my phone. Samsung Galaxy S5. I highly recommend it.

On my phone I have my apps divided into user friendly sub-folders: camera stuff, shopping stuff, music stuff, social networking, and money. I'm kind of OCD about how certain things are organized and my phone is not somewhere I skimp on that. (Take some time to organize your phones, people!)

In my money folder I have the basics:

Bank apps- I like to be able to look at my money quickly and transfer money around if I need to. I can also set it up to where I get text messages to notify me of: large purchases, low balances, or large deposits. I don't really use the text message stuff because I can just get on the app and see it all there. 

Discover app- I can check and see my balance and I can look at old statements to keep track of my FICO score. I can also redeem my cash back bonus and make payments which is swell.

In my shopping folder I have:

Checkout 51- This app is pretty rad and I think everyone should have it. Every Thursday the app updates a new list for the week and on the list are things you would get at the grocery store like bananas, tomatoes, eggs, milk... those basic items but also it has Scrubbing Bubbles brand cleaners, and all kinds of other stuff... So what you do is go to the grocery store and say you buy bananas, well you upload an image of your receipt and you click "bananas" (or whatever you bought that is on the list) and BAM they credit your Checkout 51 account with $0.25! Okay, a quarter is not much when you take into consideration how much your stuff costs but it's still cool because once you get $20 on your account you can cash out and they will send you a check! All for the extra 3 seconds it took to upload that receipt! I don't ever plan a list around the app but I will look at it when I get home and see if anything I bought made the app. 

Receipt Hog- This is my favorite one by far. In fact I'm going to take a moment to use it before I finish this post!...........................Okay, back to business! This is similar to Checkout 51 because you upload images of receipts but you can upload ANY receipt from grocery stores, liquor stores and gas stations and depending on the amount of the receipt they give you coins. Once you get 800 and something coins you can redeem that for different things. I've gotten up to 40 points for a receipt before. My coin total is at 575, I think. Not gonna lie, it takes a minute to get to the point where you can redeem but why not? My friends even give me their receipts now because they know it benefits me. Hahaha. And you get this cute little pig friend who gets fatter the more receipts you give him!

I also have a few "side hustle" apps that I haven't really started using yet, but I'm in the process of getting all that stuff together. 

I also use a couple websites.... ReadyForZero and
they are pretty handy as well! 

***Just so we are all clear, I AM NOT GETTING PAID FOR THIS. Just tellin yall how I work my magic. 

<div align="center"><a href="" title="brokeGIRLrich"><img src="" alt="brokeGIRLrich" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


So September is just around the corner (for real??), and I have some goals that I am determined to accomplish.

I want to post on my blog 5 days a week. This part is gonna be hard for me to do but I'm determined to do it! (If anyone wants to guest post, hit me up!) 

I plan on tracking my spending again. For the entire month of September I am going to track my purchases and I'm going to post them on the blog for all to see. I've gotten to where I'm not really paying attention to what money is going where... and that is not okay!

My emergency fund is currently sitting at $400 (which is a pretty big deal since I had to use the whole $600 out of it last month when I was out of a job!). My goal is to get it to $1000 by the end of September. That means I'll have to put away $300 with each check, 2 checks in September would equal $600. Not gonna lie, it's gonna be tough for me to do but I'm gonna try my hardest. 

I would like to spend at least 2 hours a week working on my side hustle. My Etsy shop. That 2 hours could be spent working on merchandise or posting new merchandise, as long as it is side hustle related then it counts!

***Bonus goal***
Spend 30 minutes walking/jogging/being active at least 3 days a week. 

I'm going to have to be super organized about this for everything to work out, so I'll be working on my plan for the next couple days to make sure I stay on track and achieve my goals. 

Fingers crossed. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

i'm coming clean.

I want to be up front and honest with everyone who takes the time to read my posts. You may have noticed that sometimes I go for awhile without posting, it's not because I don't want to because I seriously think about my blog ALL THE TIME but sometimes I just don't have it in me.

So here it is.... something that yall may or may not know about me is that I suffer from pretty serious depression. My depression is considered clinical which kinda means it's a chemical thing in my brain. It has nothing to do with what is going on in my life and I could have the best life ever but I would still be unhappy. Of course I go thru times where I am happy and am able to have fun but other times it is a struggle. I've been to 2 different counselors and I've been seeing a psychiatrist lately but I just don't "click" with him so I'm in search of someone new.

When I get off at 4 I have often times come home and fallen asleep around 6 and I will stay asleep until my alarm goes off the next morning. In the morning when my alarm goes off it is the hardest thing ever for me to get out of bed and put effort into getting ready. I often go to work with my hair pulled back and no make up on and just feeling crappy. I know that if I took maybe 15 minutes to put on some make up and fix my hair then maybe I would feel a little better but it's easier said than done and I'm not sure that I have it in me.

This is something that I'm trying to overcome daily and even though it isn't something that will ever go away 100% I hope to have it under control soon.

So there you have it.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

meal prep isn't for everyone.

My attempts at meal prep have been a waste of money.

Image credit: Google via

For two weekends in a row I spent a few hours on Sunday making food to take to work for lunch or to eat for dinner after work. Last weekend I made some BBQ chicken, a zucchini and squash stir fry with peppers and some turkey burgers. I am obviously making all this food with the best intentions and while I'm cooking I am thinking about how good this food is going to be when I get to eat it.

And then I pack my lunch bag for work and already nothing that I make sounds good anymore. I go to work, put my lunch in the fridge and spend the morning thinking that Qdoba sounds really good, or one of the bazillion other fast food places around my job. So I end up not eating what I brought (so wasting that money because my lunch is not gonna get eaten) and then spending $10 at Qdoba on food that I don't really need. So by the end of the week I am broke because I spent all my allowance on fast food and I've basically wasted all my groceries because that food isn't going to last. 

I will say that I did a lot better last week than I had done in the week before that. I went out to eat less and ate more of my food I made instead. All of that being said I don't think I do this whole meal prep thing correctly. So my new plan is that I'm going to make less food and I'm going to allow myself to eat out maybe twice a week. 

I'm definitely in need of some help with this topic. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

pet peeves part 4.

Do NOT walk up to me and just start blurting out your account number!- People do this like I know what they want, guess what? I have no idea what you want until you tell me! Chances are you are going to walk up to me and start saying your account number and first of all, I’m not on the right screen to pull up any information for you and just because you are telling me your account number right off the bat doesn’t mean I’m not gonna make you fill out the slips yourself. FILL OUT YOUR OWN SLIPS!

Don’t overshare- When you come to the bank please handle your financial business and then be on your merry way. I do not want to hear about the fact that your man is in jail and you had to pawn y’alls wedding rings and big screen TV to get him out. Also don’t start telling me that you’ve been drinking ALL day when it’s only 1 o’clock. I’m going to think you’re an idiot because you are drinking and driving and IT’S THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY.

Forms of identification- We have talked about this before: when I ask for your ID I am not only protecting MY job but I’m protecting YOUR money. When you come to my window and I ask for your ID please don’t make a fuss about it, that will seriously just make me hate you. Don’t tell me that you have been banking here since 1967, you know why??? I HAVEN’T BEEN ALIVE THAT LONG, LET ALONE WORKING HERE ALL THOSE YEARS! And last but not least DO NOT throw your ID at me. Seriously? Have a little respect and don’t be a jerk. I do not know EVERY SINGLE person that banks here and you throwing a hissy fit like a 3 year old is going to make me ID you every single time even if I know who you are.

I am seriously amazed at all the nonsense tellers have to put up with.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Guest Posting @ ShoeaholicNoMore.

Guest posting today, y'all.
I started my first “big girl job” close to 3 years ago. At that time I didn’t have debt other than my auto loan. When I first started I didn’t take my job as seriously as my co-workers. I was 21 and I didn’t know if I wanted to be in banking forever, it was my first teller job and it could be overwhelming at times.
A good 45% of the customers at my bank are seriously irresponsible with their money.
You know you wanna read the rest! Click here.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

tweakin the plan.

Tons of people in the PF community will tell you that you need to give your money a job. Not just set aside money for bills but also set a number for your fun money and stuff too. The zero based budget is an example of one where you assign EVERY SINGLE dollar and at the end of the month you should see a budget of $0. (Check out L Bee and the Money Tree, she wrote a short and sweet post about various budgets, the zero based budget being one of them.)

The one thing that I’ve noticed about budgeting is that budgets need lots of attention and almost constant tweaking. Kinda like a baby. What a weird comparison! Hahaha. You sometimes have to try lots of different methods before you find one that you like and can stick with (unlike babies). I have noticed that you can use a few different methods and make a custom budget, you could probably also trademark it and try to sell it and become a millionaire… Dave Ramsey, anyone?

I have been using the envelope budget for a bit and I really like it. Just to be clear I am not following the Dave Ramsey method per say, I’m kinda just making things up as I go along and putting cash in envelopes with labels on them… Well that’s pretty much what he says to do but I’m doing it the Spunky way not the Dave way. Anywayyyy, I like the idea of using cash but I’m not going to sugarcoat that shiz and tell you it’s a cake walk because that would be a lie. The hardest part has been the few weeks that I’ve been between jobs and pay schedules. My first pay check at my new job was not enough to fill up my envelopes (because it was only one week AND I didn’t get to work 40 hours that week).

I have decided to tweak the Spunky method a little bit and see how it goes. The new plan is that I’m going to give my different accounts jobs. This is something I have tried in the past and it didn’t really work but I don’t think I was all that motivated when I tried it. The reason that I’m doing this is that I’m just so tired of carrying all my cash around. I like the idea of using cash for “fun money” so I can know where it is going and for groceries so I have a set limit but as it is I am having to carry 2 wallets and it’s making my purse really heavy! As always I am definitely willing to hear any opinions you guys have on this subject. I have 3 debit cards that I plan on giving specific jobs….. the jobs are as follows: one is for doctor bills/pharmacy bills, one is for all other bills, and then one will be for auto related expenses like gas and oil changes and stuff.

The plan is that I will deposit money into those accounts when I get paid this week and then put the remainder of my money (minus my allowance-which will be in cash) into my savings account.  I’m hoping that this works out for me. Fingers crossed.
Messy Money

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

hustle, hustle real hard.

Side hustles.  Everyone has them.  Everyone but me.  So now I’m trying to come up with something that I can do to make some extra cash, preferably quickly but I doubt I’ll be that lucky. It seems like a lot of PF bloggers do freelance writing as a side hustle but truth be told, I don’t think I’m that good of a writer. I’ve read in dozens of places that you should do something you like/are good at so I’ve come up with a few different options…..:

Performing weddings- Bet you didn’t know I’m ordained! Haha. About 8 years ago my mom got ordained and started performing weddings. She made some serious cash! She would have people drive to the house and she would sign their papers and they would pay $50! There were lots of weddings where she would drive to do them and then she would charge $150+ depending on how far she drove. I haven’t done hardly any lately because well it’s hard with me working 8-5 because most of the couples we would get would want to come get their papers signed in the middle of the afternoon and I’m not available. I did marry a couple of my friends last weekend and they paid me $150. (which is going directly to my debt!) So I’m going to let my mom know that I’m willing to do more on the weekends and stuff if she gets any calls.

Selling on Etsy- I’ve always been really crafty for about as long as I can remember.  My mom and I would go to Michael’s craft store and buy seed beads and stretchy string and I would sit around for hours and make bracelets and necklaces all day.  My moms friends were usually amazed because I would sit still and do it for so long and I suffered from serious ADD so me being still was a “see it to believe it” kind of thing. During a pretty serious bout of depression sometime last year I spent a chunk of change at Hobby Lobby and the thrift store getting all kinds of stuff that I could decorate and bedazzle and just make pretty. I didn’t really make much progress but I still have all of the stuff and I was thinking about starting an Etsy store for what I make.

Selling purses/scentsy/AVON- I’m a natural born sales-lady.  I could probably sell ice to an Eskimo. Scentsy was really popular where I am for awhile but I don’t hear much about it anymore.  The intro package is like $100 but I think if I started selling it I could probably do a good job. I could also probably sell AVON or Mary Kay or the like but I don’t like to wear make up a lot so it would be harder to sell that. My mom recently found a line of purses that you can buy a sales package and sell them for a profit, the only downside to that is that it is SUPER expensive to buy the intro. The purses are something that my mom found out about and she said she is willing to front me the cash to do it if I would stick with it and stuff so I’m thinking about that.

So these are my current options… What does everyone think?

Monday, August 11, 2014

weekly plan #3.

Okay y'all. I'm back at it, with a little more credit card debt (my pay schedule being messed up but me in a bind) and a lot less emergency fund. But I'm not gonna dwell on it. I'm getting back on the horse and I'm coming up with side hustle ideas and I'm hoping to put those into play soon.

So here are my plans for the week:

1. Call about my 401k- Since I left my old job I have to do something about my 401k that I have thru them. I'm still trying to figure out where I should open my IRA which is kind of a lot to think about.
2. Catch up on my blog reading- Since I haven't been around the community lately I haven't read ANY of my favorite blogs (sorry guys!) and I miss reading and commenting.
3. Product knowledge for work- I'm at a new bank now so I need to learn the different products that we offer. Obviously it's pretty much the same as at my last bank but some of the accounts have minimum balance requirements and certain fees that I'm not familiar with yet.
4. List/Blog about my side hustle options- I value everyone's opinion and I feel like if I posted all my side hustle options I would get good advice about everything so look for that this week.
5. Spend some time on the budget- I get paid this week and it will be a 3 week paycheck so I am hopefully able to catch up and get back on track. Fingers crossed that I'll do well enough that I can soon start the "living on your previous paycheck" process.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

let me tell you about the time....

I had a customer give me a gift card to Victoria's Secret.
Really? Yes.

I remember doing a transaction for a guy once and while I was counting out his nasty money he was telling me that he wanted to take me shopping and asking me where I like to shop. I tried to skirt the topic and I told him that I shopped at the mall when I needed something. I finished up his transaction as quickly as I could and got him out of there.

Fast forward about a week or so......
Every Monday we had staff meetings in our drive thru area and this Monday started off just like any other. Got to work for the meeting, had the meeting, sat around talking to my co-workers for a minute and then I got my drawer out and went to my window in the lobby. It was about 8:45am and the lobby wasn't open yet so I had some time to get all my stuff together and get ready for the day. As I'm logging in to my computer I hear a man in one of the banker's offices and I remember I thought it was strange because we only had 2 male employees and I know that both of them were still in the drive thru. I ignored it and continued what I was doing until I hear the man say "Oh, there she is!! Can I give it to her?" I looked up and I see the same creepy guy who wanted to take me shopping, and he is now walking towards me with a brown paper sack. He then lays it on my counter, winks and walks away. Uhh what? (You might be wondering why he was there if the branch wasn't open yet, he had to close on a loan and that was the only time he could be there) After he was out the door I look up and my manager, assistant manager, 2 bankers and one of my male co-workers all crowded around me to see what was in the bag. Truth be told I didn't even want to touch the bag. But I did and I dumped the contents out on to my counter, it was a little scrap of paper all wrinkled up and written on with a pencil and a pink striped gift box that said VICTORIA'S SECRET. I remember being so weirded out that I couldn't do anything but laugh. On the paper he had written me a note that basically said: I was at the mall and I was thinking about you so I got you this. It's not much but if you will let me take you, I will give you more money to spend.  WHAT???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  We called and the gift card had $25 dollars on it, I was in shock.

He came in a few weeks later and had the balls to ask me did I spend my gift card and I said "yeah, I did. And the guy that I'm dating really enjoyed what I bought, so thank you." BAM, IN YOUR FACE! I thought it was pretty clever. Of course everything I told him was true but I can't believe I said it all with a straight face. After he left my boss came up front and basically said that if he comes back in that someone else needs to help him because she wasn't comfortable with the way he interacted with me. All I could think was "fine with me!"

Now all of this happened in Fall of 2013 and just a couple of weeks ago I was on the way to a friend's house and I stopped and got a pizza at Papa John's and I walked in and who do you think was back in the kitchen area making the pizzas? You're right, my weird stalker. He hollered up at me, "Hey! Do you work at the bank??" I looked away, got my pizza and left.

It takes all kinds.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

my apologies...

I kinda fell off the face of the planet for a minute. Every single day that I haven't been posting or reading everyone's blogs I've been thinkin about how I need to get back on here and on twitter.

All last week I was helping one of my good friends prepare for her wedding so when I would get home at night I would just pass out! Then on Monday morning I woke up with a nasty looking and painful spot on the inside of my left thigh. I knew what it was immediately and after work I went to the urgent care and had it looked at. MRSA. Don't google it because it's nasty. Since I noticed it so quickly I only have to take a week of antibiotics.

While adjusting to my new pay schedule I did have to get my credit card out because my first check was only enough to pay the bills that were due. I'm kinda miserable about that but the good news is that the next check I get will have 3 weeks of pay on it so I think I can get ahead again.

I decided to not turn my blog into a ".com".... yet. Its just not in the cards for me right now. I do however want to move to wordpress which I'm gonna start working on.

Sorry I vanished. Won't let it happen again.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

want list/mid-week check up.

Recently 2 of my favorite bloggers Kayla and Fig posted about "want lists." After reading their lists I thought maybe I should put the pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard?) and make a list of things that I want so that I can actually think about what's on it and consider if it's worthwhile or not.

So here are some of my wants....

  • Knobs for my desk- I have a pretty rad vintage desk that I got at a garage sale when I was in high school but over the years I've lost a couple of the knobs on the drawers. I am only missing 2 but I would want to replace all 5 so that they all match. I checked some out at Wal-Mart and I could get a package of 10 for $15... I don't need 10.
  • Strappy flat sandals- At the new job I can wear sandals (as long as they have some kind of strap around the back of my foot), I would really like to have some sandals that I could wear. I usually wear knee high boots (which get really hot) or my black flats depending on what pants I wear. I would like to be able to wear sandals like the other girls do. 
  • Make up- I have a pretty decent amount of foundation and stuff but the problem is that all of the sudden my every day make up is making my face break out. I also have some Bare Minerals make up that I like but it sometimes feels itchy on my face. 
  • A house- I want to buy a house. That's pretty much my dream right now, I've experienced some set backs lately with my job situation and stuff but I'll be back to saving as much as I can once I get back on track with getting paid. 
So as of right now 75% of my list is relatively cheap and I could budget it in but I also know it's not really stuff that I need. 

My goals for the week are going fine. Not great. Not terrible. I have failed at packing my lunch for the week.  I only packed my lunch on Monday and I've spent money on junk food the rest of the week so I need to get back on the wagon. I am doing pretty good at drinking more water. Could be doing better but hey at least I'm trying. I have had at least 2 of my 16 ounce cups of water each day. The thing that derails my water drinking is that I hate hate HATE having to get up and go pee so many times during the day. My co-workers know that I'm drinking a lot of water and it doesn't bother them that I take frequent breaks but it annoys me. I haven't had a chance to re-evaluate my budget yet, well I haven't had a chance to actually look at my spreadsheet and make changes but I have been thinking about different places where I can cut back. I think I have a plan for making my phone bill cheaper (maybe? more on that later) and I hope the plan works out. I'm also thinking about possible side hustles and trying to talk one of my friends into helping me have a garage sale so I can get some extra cash. 

How is everyone else's week going?

Monday, July 21, 2014

weekly plan #2

(I'm writing this post from my phone on my lunch break so please dont judge me too hard if there are words missing apostrophes and such!)

My weekly plan from last week wasnt a complete failure but I could've done better. I did manage to de-clutter my bathroom and I did a no spend week. My no spend week ended on Saturday when there were things I had to buy for the house but I was expecting that. As for my gym commitment. ... that didn't pan out. I wish I had a gym buddy or something so I could stay committed (I say that but I hate working out with someone else because they want to be chatty and I cant deal with that when I'm in the zone).

So my plans for this week:

1. Take lunch to work everyday- As I was driving down the street to my new branch I noticed all the fast food places over here: Taco Buneo, Arby's, Braums,  Whataburger. In my head I started thinking "just one crappy morning and I will blow my budget on lunch." So I'm determined to pack lunch everyday. (Today is left over mac and cheese, pineapple chunks, Ritz crackers, and a package of cookies)

2. Drink more water- Saving money while also being health concious. I drank one 16 ounce cup of water (with a crystal light packet) and I've seriously peed like 3 times in about an hour.

3. Re-evaluate my budget- I just want to look over my budget and make sure that everything is looking good and see if there is anywhere that I could cut back to save some money.

So there you have it, 3 goals for the week. Wish me luck.

Friday, July 18, 2014

friday faves #2

Here we are y'all, the second Friday in my faves series.... 
I've been so busy with my training class that I haven't really gotten to keep up with my favorite blogs.... Hopefully I can catch up tomorrow! 

Little update on my new job training: I took my test this morning, I got a 100%. Super exciting! I was done with training by 11:30 am so I got to go to my branch and "shadow" during the afternoon. I really like all my new co-workers so far. I picked out my window and come Monday morning it will be a little more "spunky" with my bright colored office accessories. Can't wait! I'll have to shadow for a day or so next week and then I will work out of the supervisor's drawer and then hopefully they will let me on my own by the end of next week. I'll keep everyone updated on how it goes. 

Without further ado......
My Friday Faves:

Good Citizen @ Debt Discipline- Brian over at Debt Discipline shared a post this week about being (you guessed it!) a "good citizen" in the PF blogging community. He mentioned in this post how he started to take it personally that he would comment on some blogs and would get no replies! That has happened to me as well so I'm right there with him. But we are both over it now and have moved on! Lol. I did make sure to let Brian know that he is always welcome to comment on stuff over here and I will reply to anything he has to say! 

July Debt Update @ Downstairs and in Debt- Last week I mentioned that this is the newest blog on my bookmarks and she is definitely staying at the top of my lists of weekly reads! I love a good debt update, and while she doesn't think she has done as well as she could have, I think she has done great! She has now challenged herself to get to the $4000 debt repayment by middle of September. I wish her all the best and can't wait to see how she does!

What To Do If You Totally Failed Your Budget @ Monica on Money- This is actually a guest post from Budget Blonde and it's definitely a good read. We are all humans and sometimes we mess up on our budgets and this article talks about what to do if that happens.

So there you have it everyone! The Spunky Banker's Friday Faves. Check them all out and show them some love!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

pet peeves part 3.

1. Don't hit on your teller- Seriously. We don't appreciate it. And if you do hit on one of us and we turn you down go to a different teller from that point on. There is one middle aged guy who used to come in to my branch and he hit on me for the whole 3 years that I was employed at that bank. One of the first times I helped him he told me that he has 2 teenage daughters and that their friends always tell them that their dad is so hot and blah blah blah (I will say that I am honestly concerned about the future of society if these girls think he is hot, yikes!). Of course I had to be nice to him so I would just smile and nod but it all got old real fast. A few months ago I guess I looked really nice one day and he came in and came to my window and said "damn girl, does your man buy you roses when you look that good?" My response was "I don't have a man and I don't like roses." For that entire transaction he was completely flustered and just completely weird. From that point on I refused to help him. Anytime he came in my co-workers knew that they had to help him.

2. Don't come to my window until I acknowledge you- This should really be common sense but apparently it is not. After the customer ahead of you walks away there are certain times that I'm still working on something for them after they're gone. Would you want someone else to see your personal information that I probably have out in my window? No? Then wait until I say "I can help you right here." This also goes for anytime you walk in and I'm counting cash. There are a few different scenarios in which I might have cash out and no one in my window: I could be doing a drop off deposit, I could be balancing my drawer, I could be strapping cash to take into the vault. This is a safety thing guys, I can guarantee you that if I don't know you or have never seen you in my life and you walk up on my while I've got cash out then I'm probably going to think you are trying to rob me. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again: bank tellers are the face of the bank and we have to deal with all of the crazies and the crankies that come in to the bank so please be considerate when you take a transaction inside.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

mid-week check up.

So here's the thing.... my no spend week? I'm not doing bad at all. I did have to get gas on Tuesday morning but I said I was going to, so that's fine. I also need to get groceries but I'm waiting as long as I can to do that (I'll just be having protein shakes and apples for a couple meals a day...joke). As far as my goal of going to the gym, that has not happened. I feel bad for not going but by the time I get home from work I'm exhausted and I just don't want to get back in the car and head to the gym. I need to work on that. And what about de-cluttering my bathroom? So far so good! I got under the counter and got out my hot rollers (that I haven't used in years) and my foam rollers (when did I ever use those?) and put all of that into the hall with my garage sale stuff. I need to go thru my make up still, and there are two drawers left to look in but I've still got the rest of the week. 

New job.... I hate training. It's miserable. I go and sit in a room with two 19 year old boys and we read the policy and procedure manual and then we had to do these fill in the blank style worksheets and when we have "down time" we have to study the worksheets. Now that doesn't sound too terrible but I've been a teller for three years and all the regulations and everything that we are "learning" is stuff that I already know, I could teach the damn class. Today we got to run pretend transactions on computers so that was a nice change of pace! We have to take a test and make at least a 90% or else we are out of a job, so that's one more thing that I have on my mind to stress about. 

I've been stressing  thinking about the fact that I don't get paid for 2 more weeks. I went ahead and paid the rest of my phone bill with some cash I had stashed away so I feel a little better. I really don't want to have to dip into my EF to pay my auto loan and my mom said she would loan me some money but I really don't want to do that either. I'm trying to stop and tell myself, "hey girl, you can load up your emergency fund again once you are back on a normal pay schedule," but doing that makes me feel like I'm failing a little bit. 

This has not been my best post and for that I apologize. Hopefully tomorrow I can post something a little more upbeat! Hope everyone's week is going well. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

weekly plan #1

In an attempt to stay on top of my finances and just keep my life organized I am going to start posting "weekly plans," just so we are all clear these may not all be financial. If I write down my weekly goals and I have other people viewing them and giving me their input then I'm more likely to stick to the plan. Fingers crossed. 

1. No spend week- Right now it is Monday evening and I did spend some money today (I thought lunch would be provided in my training class so I didn't bring anything and it wasn't provided so I had to spend some money) so this goal is going to start tomorrow. With my new job the pay schedule is quite a bit different and I won't be getting paid until July 31st. That means I have to live on what cash I have until that day. I can tap in to my EF if I need to but I really don't want to do that. With the exception of gas (because my gas light came on today) and groceries (which hopefully I don't need until next week) I won't be spending any money this week.

2. Gym 3 days- I would like to go to the gym on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. I have gotten out of the habit of going and I really need to get back to it!

3. De-Clutter my bathroom- In an attempt to get ready to have a garage sale I want to go thru my bathroom and clean out all of my hair products, make up products and just general "knick knacks" that have accumulated in my bathroom. **Just a note, it might seem weird to sell hair products and make up products (nothing that would be considered un-hygienic) in a garage sale but that stuff goes like hot cakes.

Hopefully y'all will help me stick to my goals this week. Does anyone else make a goal list to keep them on track for the week?

Friday, July 11, 2014

friday faves #1

New series? Sure, why not! Everyone seems to do their favorite blog post of the week so I'm going to succumb to peer pressure (ha!) and do it as well...

  • Save. Spend. Splurge. Budget Round Up- (Okay so technically this was posted last week, but I just read it Thursday!) I'm a sucker for these kind of posts! I like to know how other people did during the month. Anyway, her monthly budget update is SUPER detailed and I love love love it! I wanna be that organized when I grow up. 
  • Shoeaholic No More's Liebster Award- Okay, okay, okay! I probably just super loved this post because she mentioned me in it! Lol. But really I loved reading Kayla's answers to her questions, I always enjoy getting to know people a little better.
  • brokeGIRLrich's Liebster Award- This is one that technically came from March of this year buuut I nominated her for a Liebster Award so she went back and updated it. This goes along with the above blog and how I enjoy getting to know people better.
So those are my 3 favorite posts for the past week (or maybe farther back than a week), go check them out! I also discovered a new blog during all the Liebster madness that happened around here and I'm happy to say that I've added her to my bookmarks and can't wait to see how her journey goes! That would be Downstairs and in Debt. Y'all should check her out too, if you haven't already. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

update on the job front.

I got a call yesterday from a bank that I interviewed at last week and they offered me the full time "service associate" job (that's a fancy title for teller). It will actually be $0.50 less than I was making per hour but I can handle that. I start a week long training class on Monday, it will be from 10-5 which is part time so I'll be short on hours that week but it's better than nothing. 

I get my final paycheck tomorrow but one of my former co-workers texted me this morning and told me the amount that was pending in my account (perks of being a teller). I was really only expecting about $700 as it was just my 80 hours of vacation pay that they owed me but I was surprised to hear that my check was actually $970! That would be overtime that didn't go on my previous check and then some bonus pay that I was owed. That's definitely exciting. 

I've been looking over my budget spreadsheet and tweaking it where I can. I managed to decrease two sections and eliminated one while increasing one category by $5 (I eliminated my Discover card since I rolled that into my credit union loan and that upped my credit union payment just a few dollars) I'm hoping that over time I can start decreasing the amounts that I put into some of my envelopes... Probably just like my "fun money" and my "eating out" money because those are ones that aren't totally necessary. 

I'm considering starting to 52 week money challenge, even though the year is more than half over. I could throw enough money into it to catch myself up or I could start by saying that next week would be week one and so on. I guess I'll weigh my options on that and let you know what I decide to do. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

blogger awards... say whaaat?

So this morning I was browsing my Twitter while walking thru Wal-Mart (seriously multitasking, y'all) and I realized that Kayla over at Shoeaholic No More had mentioned something about Blogger Awards. Well being new to the game I had no idea what she was talking about so I went to her blog to check it out and while I'm standing in the checkout line at Wal-Mart, I learn about the Liebster Award. What is the Liebster Award? It's for new and upcoming bloggers with under a certain number of followers, the number of followers is kinda all over the place some say under 200 and some say under 3000 but one more says under 1000. Well, Kayla was nominated for the Liebster Award and as part of that she has to pick 5 more bloggers to nominate. Kayla answered 5 questions on her blog. And in return she has to ask 5 questions to her nominees! Kinda like a chain letter. So guess what? Kayla named me as one of her 5 blogs! Pretty cool, right?

Here are the questions that Kayla asked her bloggers (and my answers of course!)

1. Why did you start your blog?
~ When I first realized that I needed to get my debt under control I started googling "personal finance" and I found a few debt repayment blogs and I was fascinated! I would sit at work (when I wasn't busy) and go back to the very first post of each blog and read their entire journey. It started with Girl Meets Debt and then I found Kayla's blog and I would just look at each blogs blogroll and find a new one to read. I figured that starting a blog would keep me accountable. (I think that's what we all say!) So one day I decided to bite the bullet and go for it! I've had my ups and downs since I started the blog but I'm definitely glad I did it.

2. What is your favorite song and why?
~ This is a tough one so I'm going to take the easy way out. I love listening to music, and I can't pick a favorite song. But I can tell you that if it's got a good beat and catchy lyrics then I'm going to like it. Why? Because I love to dance. If I can get up and wiggle around (PS I have no rhythm) then that is a perfect song. 

3. What is your life’s passion?
~ Currently what I'm most passionate about is personal finance/paying off my debt. I'm always trying to give someone some little bit of advice that I've read somewhere if I think that it will help them out in the long run. 

4. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would you meet and why?
~ My first instinct is to say that I would want to meet my mom's brother that died before I was born. Everyone says that we are just alike and I would like to know if that is true. But if I was to pick someone who was alive and I had the slightest possibility of maybe meeting at some point I would have to go with Ellen Degeneres. She seems like an awesome person and she is super funny. Not to mention she can dance, so we could probably have a dance off, just kidding because she would dominate.

5. Describe yourself in 3 words.
~Well obviously my first word would be "spunky," bet ya saw that coming a mile away. My next word would be "motivated." And finally I would say "organized." (Bonus word: cluttered, yeahhh, organized-clutter)

And now for my nominees:

  • The Weight of Debt- This is one of the blogs that I found while I was working one day and I must say, I'm glad that I did. Bre always has a good post and her Monday Monologues are my fave!
  • The Frugal Trial- Victoria's blog is one that I only recently started reading but I love hearing about how things are going for her in the UK.
  • brokeGIRLrich- Another blog that I've only recently started reading but her's is super cute and she's a stage manager and I have a soft spot for anything theatrical.
  • Figuring Money Out- This is a blogger who like me prefers to stay anonymous. She has posts that I really appreciate such as her blogging resources, which definitely helped me decide to start my blog (and to get my ".com" started).
  • Lisa Vs. the Loans- One more that I've only started reading recently but she posts a lot of helpful stuff, like various links to other blogs (that I then start reading and can't stop, it's like a drug y'all). 

My Questions for the new nominees:
1. Why did you start your blog?
2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
3. If you didn't blog about money, what would you blog about?
4. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would you meet and why?
5. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Now that you’ve been nominated, you don’t have to participate, but if you do, it’s a great way to spread the love. You can add the Liebster image to your blog – pick a button of your choosing by downloading and adding it to your post and in your sidebar if you wish. Prepare you own 5 questions (you can reuse or modify above) and let your own 5 nominees know. Link back here in your post as well, to let me know who you have selected so I can go and read. Can't wait to see how it goes, enjoy!

Monday, July 7, 2014


Obviously my main goal is to get out of debt as quick as I can, that's a given. However, I do have other goals (personal and financial) that I am working towards while paying down my debt. 

  1. Pay off my debt- I would like to have all my debt (minus my auto loan) paid off soon. I don't have a time frame on that, I just know that I want to have it done. If I said something crazy like the end of this year then I would basically be planning to throw $750 at my debt every month. Not something I think I can do. So I'll stick to working my butt off and putting all my extra money towards my debt as often as I can. 
  2. Emergency Fund- Currently my EF is sitting at $600. My goal right now is to get it to $1000 before I start working on another savings goal of mine. In all reality I should be able to have my $1000 in my EF sitting in my account earning interest by end of August (at the latest).
  3. I want to buy a house.- This is something that I tried to do earlier this year but I had too much debt to income ratio and I couldn't get financing. Once I get my emergency fund to the $1000 point then I plan on funneling my savings money into my "House Account," so that I can have money for the down payment. Ideally I want to be in a house making payments by the time I'm 25, which is in March.
  4. Career- I want to advance more quickly in my career. Now currently I am unemployed so that's the opposite of advancing but once I get back on my feet I don't want to be stuck as a teller forever. There is nothing wrong with being a teller and for 3 years I've loved it (most of the time) however, I want to be able to move up the ladder. Being a personal banker, asst. manager, loan officer, just advancement in general. 
  5. Marriage and all that mushy junk-  I want to be married and start a family. That's all there really is to that goal. Lol. 

What are some of your goals that you've either met or are working towards? Any advice?

My Pennies, My Thoughts

Saturday, July 5, 2014

financial bookworm.

I decided to share with everyone the books that I have read recently. I'm not some top notch book critic but I'll tell you what I've read and if I think you should read it too, and these 3 books are awesome. 

The One Week Budget by Tiffany Aliche
The Budgetnista

I bought this book on my Kindle and let me tell you, I LOVED IT. Tiffany, "The Budgetnista," gave you stories about people that she had worked with in the past and that definitely made it easier for me to follow her methods. I really like that if you buy the Kindle version you can download the templates for the different lists and things that she talks about (for free) here. You can also follow The Budgetnista on Twitter here.

The Frugalista Files by Natalie McNeal
The Frugalista Files

This book is kinda in the form of a diary so you are learning about her life while The Frugalista is writing her blog and working for The Miami Herald. I sat down and read this in pretty much one day. Natalie is so funny and it's definitely easy to relate to everything that she was writing about! Love, LOVE, loved it! Check out her website here. And don't forget to follow her on Twitter, here.

Shoo, Jimmy Choo! by Catey Hill
Shoo, Jimmy Choo!

This book was so awesome. I loved that Catey broke down definitions for all kinds of stuff like 401k information and IRA stuff. She even gave you information on buying a car or selling a car, renting vs. buying a home. It was great! Here is the website. You can check out the templates for all the lists that she has you make, here. And obviously, you need to follow Catey on Twitter, here.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

let me tell you about the time....

A guy asked me to give him counterfeit money.
Yeahhh, that happened.

This guy walks up to my window and tells me he wants to cash his paycheck. To paint a picture for your imagination he looked like Ryan Gosling only heavier, more tan, and dirty (he worked as a maintenance guy on a high school football field). I'd be lying to you if I told you I didn't think this guy was real good lookin. I mean I like guys that could like pick me up and toss me over their shoulder with little to no effort and I like for them to actually do work, like physical labor. Anyway, I asked if he had an account with us, he told me that no he did not. I gave him the instructions that I give every check casher, "I just need your ID. And your right thumb print on the front of the check, preferably near the signature line. Please sign the back." So as I'm processing the transaction we exchanged some witty banter, and it was pretty fun! Well, he looked behind him and he saw that I had a line forming so he asked for a brochure and let me know that he was going to read over it. But instead of leaving he just stepped to the next empty window and read the brochure. When I handled all the transactions I looked at him and asked was he ready to open the account. He said no he didn't want to open an account but he did want to take me to dinner that weekend. I told him sure and gave him my number (I don't normally give my number to customers but I had a change of heart). 

The next day I got a call from a number I didn't recognize and it turned out to be him. We ended up both being busy that weekend but we made a plan to go out during the week. We decided to meet up at a local bar that has karaoke every night and I was pretty excited about it! Well I got there and he was waiting for me, so I went and sat down and ordered a beer. Not gonna lie, from that moment on he was a total a d-bag. He made comments about having drank like a whole 6 pack before he met up with me, and that he smoked a pack of cigarettes that day as well..... I don't know why he wanted me to know that but whatever, I wasn't impressed. I don't normally check my phone when I'm on a date but I looked at it a couple of times and he made snide comments about that. Now being a banker I was genuinely interested in knowing why he didn't seem to want to open an account at my bank. He basically told me that he didn't have an account anywhere and that he didn't plan on opening one. **Anyone who works in a bank would recognize this as an automatic red flag because most people who don't want to open an account and don't have accounts elsewhere probably either owe a bank money (in which case, they are unable to open an account) or they might have a DHS levy or something equally as serious (if you have a DHS levy or anything of the sort then basically any money you deposit is going to be taken out by the government).** He then told me that he has a safe that he keeps all of his money is and that it had about $100 in it. Okayyyyy, and so the night continues.... There was a guy who went up to karaoke and he was very good so I was listening to him and I remembered his name because he went up multiple times, I mentioned that I thought the guy was good and my date basically told me that I should try to get his number. Are you kidding me? I told him that was silly and explained that I just thought he was a good singer. 

Fast forward about 30 minutes and that's when it happened. The final straw, ladies and gentlemen. Trying to make conversation I told him about a guy who had gone to Subway and the change that he received was a counterfeit $5 bill. We talked about my training and how easy it is for me (and probably anyone who isn't blind) to spot a counterfeit bill. I got to telling him about all the security features that are in our currency and he seemed only slightly interested in what I was saying. So he asks me "how often do you get counterfeit money, what do you do with it?" I told him that it doesn't happen very often but when it does it's basically a pain because there is a lot of paperwork involved. I told him that after a co-worker of mine had quit the cash in his drawer became mine and that co-worker had 3 counterfeit $20 bills that he had been stashing in order to avoid the paperwork (dick move!). I said that I had had them in my drawer for a few days because I didn't want to do the paperwork (it really is tedious, y'all)... His response was "well, you could float me those bills and I could take care of them for you......" Uhhh say what? No. Some things bankers don't joke about and that is stealing money, counterfeit or not, from the bank. Needless to say I had an emergency come up and had to leave at that point because I wasn't trying to hear about this dude wanting to live a life of crime. 

Obviously I didn't talk to him again, and he never came back to my branch.