Tuesday, May 27, 2014

de-clutter, make $$$, pay debt.

I don't know how many of you watch any kind of TV shows about "hoarders," but let me tell you, it takes me about 10 minutes watching one episode before I'm up and cleaning! I live with my parents so I don't have much space to fill or much stuff to fill the space but this past weekend I decided it was time to go ahead and really get it cleaned. I put some work out equipment on CraigsList and got made $30 off of that. I mentioned in a previous post about how I found some old jewelry and took it to the cash for gold place and I made $4. I know it wasn't much but hey, I got rid of something that I wasn't going to use and I ended up with money I didn't have before. As soon as I got the $30 I got in my car, drove to the mall and made a payment on my store credit card. 

After selling my work out equipment I was feeling pretty good about my de-cluttering decision so I kept going: next thing I tackled was my bookshelf. Now saying good bye to my books is something I have been avoiding because I really do love my books but I can honestly say that I haven't read any of them in a VERY long time (I read everything on my Kindle app). I have sold books before so I was down to about 10 left to sell... I gathered them up and I will be taking them to Half Price Books to sell, hopefully tomorrow. 

I was also able to tackle my closet which I'd say was a pretty big accomplishment. I enlisted the help of two of my friends, via text message, and I really just relied on their opinions... so if they liked it then it went back in the closet and if not then it went in the go pile. Thank goodness my friends have good taste and are willing to text me back super late on a Sunday night.  :)  So that basket of clothes is in my car to be sold to Plato's Closet, probably on Thursday.

Fingers crossed for my selling adventures!

Monday, May 26, 2014

pet peeves part 1.

I mentioned in my first post that I'm a bank teller. Well I just want you to know that as tellers we are "the face of the bank," we are who you come to first and if we can't help you then we get you where you need to go. We also deal with the bigger amount of upset customers just because they think that we know everything (me being the SUPERteller, I do know everything but that is not true for everyone else =] ). So a couple weeks ago I was bored at work so a co-worker and I came up with a list of our pet peeves as bankers. Not gonna lie to you, this is a pretty great list! So today I'm going to give you a few of the things on our list, and please, keep them in mind the next time you are at the bank because I would be willing to bet money (and as we all know, with my current net worth I should NOT be gambling) that the pet peeves that we came up with are pretty close to the same as any other employee at any other bank.

  1. Yes, we do need your ID to cash a check- This is the way we look at it, if we don't know you by name, if we can't say "Hey Stanley!" as soon as you walk in the door then we need to see some identification to cash a check. I do not care that you have been with the bank since it opened in 1982, I haven't been there that long so I don't know who you are... hand me your ID. I also don't care if you normally go to one of my co-workers and they know you, I do not know you (and no I'm not going to say "hey co-worker, can you vouch for this person?).... hand me your ID. We are doing this for YOU, what would happen if someone took your paycheck and took it to the bank to cash it and I didn't check the ID and gave them your money, how pissed would you be? (P.S. I'm awesome at my job so that would NEVER happen) Also, on the subject of expired IDs, depending on how long it has been expired I may be able to work with it. That being said, if you are rude to me and your ID is expired chances are I'm going to tell you no... 
  2. Yes, the bank has suckers- We do keep candy jars in our windows that are stocked with little suckers. This is a courtesy. Do not take advantage of it. One day (and by that I mean it has happened often, same customer and all) a lady came in and went to my co-workers window, did a few transactions and then gathered up all her papers, looked around and in the rudest voice she could have mustered she said "y'all ain't got no candy?" (double negative!!) We told her that we ran out and we had to wait til we got in our supply order, she rolled her eyes and made some kind of noise and walked away. Now, the next thing that frustrates us is people who come in and take one of every single color. These are grown people who are shoving these suckers in their purses or pockets and saying "I got my grandbabies/kids/nieces/nephews in the car, I'll take them some candy." First of all why are you leaving children in the car? Second of all you know that's a lie and you just want all that candy. One word, diabetes. One more word, cavities. Just take one!
  3. Talking on your cell phone- This should be common sense, but it's not. Don't be on the phone in the bank. First of all it's rude and second of all it's a security issue. Just believe me on that one. I also don't care to hear about whatever drama you have going on that is so important you had to bring it to the bank. Hang up the phone. 

That's just a few of what we came up with so I'll give you a few more on another day. But really y'all be considerate of the bank tellers when you go in to handle your business, we really appreciate it. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

my system.

Everyone has a system that works best for them when it comes to debt repayment/budgeting. I always enjoy seeing how other people handle their accounts to see if they have any awesome ideas. 

I have a total of 5 accounts. That might sound like a lot but they all have their own jobs. I have 1 checking account where I work, not only because I have to but because it's a good bank. I also have a savings account there but I keep the balance in it low and I will explain that later. I have a checking account at the credit union where I have my loan because I got a lower interest rate. Throw in one more checking account at a local bank and that is all my accounts at brick and mortar institutions. I have my emergency account at Ally bank, which is online and the interest rate was at 0.87% and that is pretty sweet. 

Now I'll tell you about their jobs:
  • Checking #1: my paycheck has to be deposited somewhere! And my job prefers to deposit it into their own institution. This is where I pay my credit card bills, my phone bill, and my car payment. Once I get paid I leave a balance in there of about $245, that will pay: my $135 car payment, $60 to one credit card (store card with one check and credit card with the next), $50 towards my phone bill ($50 with each check will pay the total and then give me a little credit towards the next bill).
  • Savings #1: I leave the balance in here at $100 and it's basically in case I hit a bump in the road and need to access the cash quick. When I get paid $100 goes to it automatically and then anything more than $100 will go to my Emergency Account.
  • Credit Union Checking: Like I said this one is because I got a lower interest rate on my debt consolidation loan if I had an account with auto debit. I put $100 in there and pay on the loan even though the payment is only $49.31.
  • Checking #2: this is where I put all my money that doesn't have a job. I could just leave this in the account where I work but I prefer it to not be as accessible. It's nice because the money has been adding up (slowly) and I don't see it so I don't think about it. Anytime I have small bills or lots of change I deposit it in that account (I know most people let their coin add up but lately I've been trying to de-clutter and too much coin in a jar makes me feel like a hoarder, lol).
  • Emergency Account: every single personal finance blog/guru/ANYONE will tell you that you need an emergency account. Dave Ramsey says to start by saving $1000, other people say 3 or 6 months worth of expenses... I'm really just making sure the balance grows. 
I read on Get Rich Slowly about a guy who had several different accounts at different banks (like me!) and each one had a job and he basically said that as long as they all work for you then it shouldn't matter how many you have. :) 

And here is my "YAY MEEE!" moment[s] of the day:
        A few weeks ago (in April before I started on personal finance journey) I spent $100 on a sewing machine because I thought I would use it, well I did not. So today I decided to return it so that means that in the next couple days I will get a text message that says "hey girl, you got a refund!" Those won't be exactly what it says but ya know. 
       I also went thru the spare bedroom at my house and found a handful of sterling silver jewelry of mine/my mom's that has probably been in that room since we moved in when I was like 13... Well there is a place at the mall that will buy your silver so I took it up there and they gave me $4. Hahahaha. This is more funny than anything but whatever, it's $4 more than I had before!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

as of may 1st.

May 1

Obviously this post is a little late considering it is basically the end of the month but I figure let’s just catch everyone up on where I started. (In my head I sang a little bit of the Drake song “Started from the Bottom”…..started from the bottom, still at the bottom <--- not how the song goes.)

Let me give you a little bit of background on my debt: Before I was financially ready to do so I moved out of my parent’s house and in with a friend. Really I did it to help my friend get out of a crappy situation that she was in with an ex. I had a few hundred dollars on my credit card but that was really it. Well while I was living with her I was slightly careless and didn’t really save much money, I paid what I needed to and then spent the rest going out or doing whatever I did. All of the sudden we were a couple months in and I realized that I had been basically putting everything on my credit card. “Everything” included gas, groceries, nights out, bills… pretty much everything but my rent which I somehow managed to pay for in cash. We ended up getting out of our lease early and my friend let me keep all the deposits that we got back so I was able to pay my card down from around $3,400 to $3,000. I decided that the smart thing to do would be to transfer that balance to an unsecured loan at a credit union with a lower interest rate, which I did. So as of May 1st my balance was $2,793.39 and my interest rate dropped from 19.99% to 7.75%, so I think that’s good. The only problem was that after I transferred that balance I didn’t really stop spending and I once again got my credit card up to (as of May 1st) $1,288.80. Not good! I only have one other credit card that has a balance and that is a Victoria's Secret card that had a balance of $182.70. I also have an auto loan where I work that had a balance of $7,050.09 at the beginning of May. So my total debt was $11,314.98, which combined with my assets (which there weren’t many) made my net worth NEGATIVE $11,200.92.

So I made a little table (it’s down below) of all my debt and my net worth. It’s definitely an eye opener to see it all written down and kinda crazy to see that I’m basically not worth anything!! Since I’ve seen all that I decided to follow the advice of most of the blogs that I read and track my spending to see where all my money was going. It’s been helpful and it really makes me think before I just hand over some money. Of course there are times where I forget to track something and then forgot where the money went which isn’t the ideal situation, but hey, I’m not perfect. Trial and error, y'all.

Summary of debt
May 1, 2014
Loan:                                     Balance:                               Payment:
Auto                                       7,050.09                                 135 (bi-weekly)
Credit Union                           2793.39                                   49.31
Discover Card                         1288.80                                   35
Victoria's Secret                      182.70                                    25
My net worth as of May 1, 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

introductions and such.

Hey y'all, welcome to my blog!

 I'll go ahead and start by saying that I've been trying for months to come up with the perfect title for this blog so that I could just start it and start writing all the thoughts that I've been saving up for that whole time. 

I'm going to do my best to keep myself pretty much anonymous around here just because I will probably end up talking about work sometimes and let's be real, I'm not trying to get in trouble. 

That being said, I will tell you a little bit about myself.... I am all kinds of spunky. Another word that has been used to describe me would be feisty. I'm a lot to handle and very straight forward 99% of the time. I'm a 24 year old bank teller in Oklahoma City. I never finished college but I have an awesome job with plenty of opportunities for advancement. I love my job, okay well how about I love my job 75% of the time. The other 25% I'm probably pissed off at a co-worker or two and wondering if I would be better off trying to find employment elsewhere. As mad as I get sometimes I probably won't just up and quit because I've been there for a few years and I have great benefits and all that stuff. 

One of my favorite things to read and learn about is personal finance. For some reason it fascinates me. I spend hours reading other people's personal finance or debt repayment blogs. I'll definitely link to a few of my favorite ones so if anyone wants to check them out they can. Along with personal finance is obviously budgeting... I've recently started the first steps of the budgeting process and have even managed to get some of my friends to do the same. I feel like everyone should get a handle on their money before they get to a point in their life where they are $20,000 in credit card debt not to mention auto loans and whatever else they have with little to no money to pay their bills and survive on. 

I'm also on a weight loss journey which I feel like kinda goes well with personal finance. I'm trying to get not only my body healthy but also my bank account. Hahaha, yeah that wasn't really that funny. So be prepared to hear about that every now and then.

And finally, like I mentioned above, I will probably talk about work from time to time. Being a bank teller I've got an arsenal of various stories and stuff that I feel like people would find interesting. 

Well, I guess that's all I've got for now.