Tuesday, May 27, 2014

de-clutter, make $$$, pay debt.

I don't know how many of you watch any kind of TV shows about "hoarders," but let me tell you, it takes me about 10 minutes watching one episode before I'm up and cleaning! I live with my parents so I don't have much space to fill or much stuff to fill the space but this past weekend I decided it was time to go ahead and really get it cleaned. I put some work out equipment on CraigsList and got made $30 off of that. I mentioned in a previous post about how I found some old jewelry and took it to the cash for gold place and I made $4. I know it wasn't much but hey, I got rid of something that I wasn't going to use and I ended up with money I didn't have before. As soon as I got the $30 I got in my car, drove to the mall and made a payment on my store credit card. 

After selling my work out equipment I was feeling pretty good about my de-cluttering decision so I kept going: next thing I tackled was my bookshelf. Now saying good bye to my books is something I have been avoiding because I really do love my books but I can honestly say that I haven't read any of them in a VERY long time (I read everything on my Kindle app). I have sold books before so I was down to about 10 left to sell... I gathered them up and I will be taking them to Half Price Books to sell, hopefully tomorrow. 

I was also able to tackle my closet which I'd say was a pretty big accomplishment. I enlisted the help of two of my friends, via text message, and I really just relied on their opinions... so if they liked it then it went back in the closet and if not then it went in the go pile. Thank goodness my friends have good taste and are willing to text me back super late on a Sunday night.  :)  So that basket of clothes is in my car to be sold to Plato's Closet, probably on Thursday.

Fingers crossed for my selling adventures!

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