Monday, May 26, 2014

pet peeves part 1.

I mentioned in my first post that I'm a bank teller. Well I just want you to know that as tellers we are "the face of the bank," we are who you come to first and if we can't help you then we get you where you need to go. We also deal with the bigger amount of upset customers just because they think that we know everything (me being the SUPERteller, I do know everything but that is not true for everyone else =] ). So a couple weeks ago I was bored at work so a co-worker and I came up with a list of our pet peeves as bankers. Not gonna lie to you, this is a pretty great list! So today I'm going to give you a few of the things on our list, and please, keep them in mind the next time you are at the bank because I would be willing to bet money (and as we all know, with my current net worth I should NOT be gambling) that the pet peeves that we came up with are pretty close to the same as any other employee at any other bank.

  1. Yes, we do need your ID to cash a check- This is the way we look at it, if we don't know you by name, if we can't say "Hey Stanley!" as soon as you walk in the door then we need to see some identification to cash a check. I do not care that you have been with the bank since it opened in 1982, I haven't been there that long so I don't know who you are... hand me your ID. I also don't care if you normally go to one of my co-workers and they know you, I do not know you (and no I'm not going to say "hey co-worker, can you vouch for this person?).... hand me your ID. We are doing this for YOU, what would happen if someone took your paycheck and took it to the bank to cash it and I didn't check the ID and gave them your money, how pissed would you be? (P.S. I'm awesome at my job so that would NEVER happen) Also, on the subject of expired IDs, depending on how long it has been expired I may be able to work with it. That being said, if you are rude to me and your ID is expired chances are I'm going to tell you no... 
  2. Yes, the bank has suckers- We do keep candy jars in our windows that are stocked with little suckers. This is a courtesy. Do not take advantage of it. One day (and by that I mean it has happened often, same customer and all) a lady came in and went to my co-workers window, did a few transactions and then gathered up all her papers, looked around and in the rudest voice she could have mustered she said "y'all ain't got no candy?" (double negative!!) We told her that we ran out and we had to wait til we got in our supply order, she rolled her eyes and made some kind of noise and walked away. Now, the next thing that frustrates us is people who come in and take one of every single color. These are grown people who are shoving these suckers in their purses or pockets and saying "I got my grandbabies/kids/nieces/nephews in the car, I'll take them some candy." First of all why are you leaving children in the car? Second of all you know that's a lie and you just want all that candy. One word, diabetes. One more word, cavities. Just take one!
  3. Talking on your cell phone- This should be common sense, but it's not. Don't be on the phone in the bank. First of all it's rude and second of all it's a security issue. Just believe me on that one. I also don't care to hear about whatever drama you have going on that is so important you had to bring it to the bank. Hang up the phone. 

That's just a few of what we came up with so I'll give you a few more on another day. But really y'all be considerate of the bank tellers when you go in to handle your business, we really appreciate it. 


  1. Awesome! I work in the banking industry too and starting/blogging my debt journey this month. I hope to read more of your funny bank pet peeves =)

  2. How funny! Thanks for sharing these with us, I must say I've never done any of these. Whew! What a relief.