Monday, June 23, 2014

a quick update...

I keep meaning to get on here and do a quick update but things are kinda hectic in my world! But now I have a free second so here we go:

As we all know I have a Discover card. I love Discover. They really do have the best customer service around and since I have the "It" card I get my FICO score with my statement. So a couple months ago I saw that the APR fees I had gotten were ridiculous so I called customer service to see if they could help me out. They had lowered it for me in the past for like a 6 month period but this time the lady said there weren't any offers available. She said to call back in 6 months. No way! I called back the next month, I was told the same thing except this time the lady said "you'll be getting an letter in about 10 days to explain it." Explain what? I was at work so I couldn't continue the conversation but its been past the 10 days and no letter! I'm definitely interested in knowing what it was about so I think I'll call them back.

I've been doing the envelopes for a week now and I just want to say I really like it! I do have envelopes that are empty (which is fine) and I moved some money from one envelope to another (which is also fine), I didn't have a purchase that I didn't have enough for or anything like that I just decided that the leftover money from my "Misc." envelope should go to my "Groceries." envelope. No big deal.

And my final update: I have a friend who is [graciously] spending his free time getting my ".com" ready to go up. I'm really excited about that!

How's everything goin for yall?

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