Saturday, July 5, 2014

financial bookworm.

I decided to share with everyone the books that I have read recently. I'm not some top notch book critic but I'll tell you what I've read and if I think you should read it too, and these 3 books are awesome. 

The One Week Budget by Tiffany Aliche
The Budgetnista

I bought this book on my Kindle and let me tell you, I LOVED IT. Tiffany, "The Budgetnista," gave you stories about people that she had worked with in the past and that definitely made it easier for me to follow her methods. I really like that if you buy the Kindle version you can download the templates for the different lists and things that she talks about (for free) here. You can also follow The Budgetnista on Twitter here.

The Frugalista Files by Natalie McNeal
The Frugalista Files

This book is kinda in the form of a diary so you are learning about her life while The Frugalista is writing her blog and working for The Miami Herald. I sat down and read this in pretty much one day. Natalie is so funny and it's definitely easy to relate to everything that she was writing about! Love, LOVE, loved it! Check out her website here. And don't forget to follow her on Twitter, here.

Shoo, Jimmy Choo! by Catey Hill
Shoo, Jimmy Choo!

This book was so awesome. I loved that Catey broke down definitions for all kinds of stuff like 401k information and IRA stuff. She even gave you information on buying a car or selling a car, renting vs. buying a home. It was great! Here is the website. You can check out the templates for all the lists that she has you make, here. And obviously, you need to follow Catey on Twitter, here.

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  1. I'm always up for book reviews! I haven't read much about finances (just learn as you go kind of thing) but I may have to check some of these out! Thanks for linking up!

  2. These all look so FUN. Sometimes you get a finance book, and while the information is great, the nature of the material makes it really dry. Thanks for the recommendations! Hope to see you next week at Financially Savvy Saturdays!

  3. Cool selections, I love when other bloggers sit down and write a book. I'm really intrigued by The Budgetnista book. I'll have to look into that one.

    1. For sure. Her budget templates were all excel docs and they were real easy to follow. If you have the Kindle app the book is like 3.99 on Amazon.

  4. A good reminder that I'm not currently reading anything. :( I may have to check out the One Week Budget

    1. Great! Make sure you check out her website to download the templates!

  5. These all sound good. Thanks for sharing. I will be checking them out on my Kindle for sure :)