Thursday, July 17, 2014

pet peeves part 3.

1. Don't hit on your teller- Seriously. We don't appreciate it. And if you do hit on one of us and we turn you down go to a different teller from that point on. There is one middle aged guy who used to come in to my branch and he hit on me for the whole 3 years that I was employed at that bank. One of the first times I helped him he told me that he has 2 teenage daughters and that their friends always tell them that their dad is so hot and blah blah blah (I will say that I am honestly concerned about the future of society if these girls think he is hot, yikes!). Of course I had to be nice to him so I would just smile and nod but it all got old real fast. A few months ago I guess I looked really nice one day and he came in and came to my window and said "damn girl, does your man buy you roses when you look that good?" My response was "I don't have a man and I don't like roses." For that entire transaction he was completely flustered and just completely weird. From that point on I refused to help him. Anytime he came in my co-workers knew that they had to help him.

2. Don't come to my window until I acknowledge you- This should really be common sense but apparently it is not. After the customer ahead of you walks away there are certain times that I'm still working on something for them after they're gone. Would you want someone else to see your personal information that I probably have out in my window? No? Then wait until I say "I can help you right here." This also goes for anytime you walk in and I'm counting cash. There are a few different scenarios in which I might have cash out and no one in my window: I could be doing a drop off deposit, I could be balancing my drawer, I could be strapping cash to take into the vault. This is a safety thing guys, I can guarantee you that if I don't know you or have never seen you in my life and you walk up on my while I've got cash out then I'm probably going to think you are trying to rob me. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again: bank tellers are the face of the bank and we have to deal with all of the crazies and the crankies that come in to the bank so please be considerate when you take a transaction inside.


  1. I love the bank teller pet peeve series! I agree with #2 anywhere, I think it's just polite to wait until someone is ready to help you. Even in line at the coffee shop, they'll ask for your order, you don't just have to blurt it out while they're still pouring milk foam on someone else's cappuccino!

    1. I'm glad you like it! I never thought of #2 being similar to a coffee shop but you're totally right. I'm glad you're a polite customer. Lol.

  2. What a fun/funny series. I'm loving hearing about teller pet peeves. I can't believe he continued to hit on you multiple different times when he was in the bank. What a creep!

  3. I always thought I might like to work in a bank one day, but maybe not. ;-)

  4. Ha ha, I will definitely wait patiently in the queue for the counter at the bank now! At my bank, I feel a bit weird about one of the tellers. If I deposit any cash from eBay sales or anything like that he always asks me what I'm going to spend it on or if I'm doing anything nice with it. I always give him a vague answer because I really don't want to tell him that it's going towards my debt repayments. I wish he would stop asking!