Thursday, July 3, 2014


On Wednesday, July 2, I lost my job. Let me tell you that I am not too upset because I haven't been happy at my job for awhile. But I'm annoyed because the events that caused my termination were basically bogus. I knew on Tuesday that it was going to happen but I honestly thought that since we had people out on vacation they would wait until Monday to do it. So I went in on Wednesday prepared to give my notice (that way I could still get vacation pay that I was owed) and they basically were waiting to let me go. I talked to the HR lady and told her that I did in fact say "I'm giving notice" before they said "we're letting you go" so she put in a request to pay me for the vacation time. I had already put in 2 applications at another bank and I was interviewed for both of those yesterday and I should hear something today. I will keep you updated on all of those happenings.....

This morning I went downstairs and checked my mail and I had 3 medical bills waiting on me. Now normally this might have stressed me out but before I let that stress kick in I went back to my room and grabbed my change jar and took it to the bank. It was $44 dollars and that will cover all 3 of my bills so that's nice. I like to avoid stress when I can. Lol.

My envelopes this week are doing good! I went to the grocery store last weekend and I spent $47 of my $75 and some of that food was left at the bank when I left so I'll have to go get some new stuff but that's fine. I have $3 left in my gas envelope and I shouldn't have to fill up again before I get my last check next week. My fast food envelope has about $10 left in it and my dad paid for my prescriptions this time so that envelope is full which is nice. 

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend. 

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