Wednesday, July 23, 2014

want list/mid-week check up.

Recently 2 of my favorite bloggers Kayla and Fig posted about "want lists." After reading their lists I thought maybe I should put the pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard?) and make a list of things that I want so that I can actually think about what's on it and consider if it's worthwhile or not.

So here are some of my wants....

  • Knobs for my desk- I have a pretty rad vintage desk that I got at a garage sale when I was in high school but over the years I've lost a couple of the knobs on the drawers. I am only missing 2 but I would want to replace all 5 so that they all match. I checked some out at Wal-Mart and I could get a package of 10 for $15... I don't need 10.
  • Strappy flat sandals- At the new job I can wear sandals (as long as they have some kind of strap around the back of my foot), I would really like to have some sandals that I could wear. I usually wear knee high boots (which get really hot) or my black flats depending on what pants I wear. I would like to be able to wear sandals like the other girls do. 
  • Make up- I have a pretty decent amount of foundation and stuff but the problem is that all of the sudden my every day make up is making my face break out. I also have some Bare Minerals make up that I like but it sometimes feels itchy on my face. 
  • A house- I want to buy a house. That's pretty much my dream right now, I've experienced some set backs lately with my job situation and stuff but I'll be back to saving as much as I can once I get back on track with getting paid. 
So as of right now 75% of my list is relatively cheap and I could budget it in but I also know it's not really stuff that I need. 

My goals for the week are going fine. Not great. Not terrible. I have failed at packing my lunch for the week.  I only packed my lunch on Monday and I've spent money on junk food the rest of the week so I need to get back on the wagon. I am doing pretty good at drinking more water. Could be doing better but hey at least I'm trying. I have had at least 2 of my 16 ounce cups of water each day. The thing that derails my water drinking is that I hate hate HATE having to get up and go pee so many times during the day. My co-workers know that I'm drinking a lot of water and it doesn't bother them that I take frequent breaks but it annoys me. I haven't had a chance to re-evaluate my budget yet, well I haven't had a chance to actually look at my spreadsheet and make changes but I have been thinking about different places where I can cut back. I think I have a plan for making my phone bill cheaper (maybe? more on that later) and I hope the plan works out. I'm also thinking about possible side hustles and trying to talk one of my friends into helping me have a garage sale so I can get some extra cash. 

How is everyone else's week going?


  1. I love that your wants are realistic. Good luck with the side hustles :)

  2. Your wants are pretty reasonable. You probably could afford them and I'd argue that while makeup and sandals aren't total necessities, they will make you fit in better and look more professional at work, which does factor in to your pay and the possibility of moving up in your career. Knobs for your desk - if they are missing you should replace them. Do you have a Home Depot or Hobby Lobby? They have knobs too and you can buy just the # you need instead of a pack of 10.

  3. I was going to say the same thing...your wants are very practical! I just reevaluated the budget last night. Hosting costs are coming up with a super sad face. Lol. Have something coming up on the blog tomorrow that might be of help with the phone!

  4. I just discovered your blog! I love that you're in OKC... I realize it's hard on a budget, but PLEASE go have a cheeseburger from Braum's for me! I miss those SO much and every time I go visit I have one almost as soon as I land.

    I think your wants are pretty reasonable as well. I got some great strappy sandals at Target last year and they've been great work shoes. And were only about $15...

    Best of luck with saving for a house. The good news is that you're in a great housing market if that's where you want to stay! Can't wait to read more of your blog!

    1. I didn't get a cheeseburger but as I write this comment I am eating a single dip of chocolate ice cream and drinking a Coke (Braum's has the best coke).