Monday, July 21, 2014

weekly plan #2

(I'm writing this post from my phone on my lunch break so please dont judge me too hard if there are words missing apostrophes and such!)

My weekly plan from last week wasnt a complete failure but I could've done better. I did manage to de-clutter my bathroom and I did a no spend week. My no spend week ended on Saturday when there were things I had to buy for the house but I was expecting that. As for my gym commitment. ... that didn't pan out. I wish I had a gym buddy or something so I could stay committed (I say that but I hate working out with someone else because they want to be chatty and I cant deal with that when I'm in the zone).

So my plans for this week:

1. Take lunch to work everyday- As I was driving down the street to my new branch I noticed all the fast food places over here: Taco Buneo, Arby's, Braums,  Whataburger. In my head I started thinking "just one crappy morning and I will blow my budget on lunch." So I'm determined to pack lunch everyday. (Today is left over mac and cheese, pineapple chunks, Ritz crackers, and a package of cookies)

2. Drink more water- Saving money while also being health concious. I drank one 16 ounce cup of water (with a crystal light packet) and I've seriously peed like 3 times in about an hour.

3. Re-evaluate my budget- I just want to look over my budget and make sure that everything is looking good and see if there is anywhere that I could cut back to save some money.

So there you have it, 3 goals for the week. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck! I need to drink more water too :-(

    1. It definitely helped my migraine to feel better but I peed so much it was unreal.

  2. Spunky,
    There are a few PF bloggers who kind of work together on working out (Cait @ Blonde on a Budget is one of the main ones I think). They use Twitter #pfworkout to track each other's workouts. Maybe that will help you stay motivated without having a person actually there distracting you during your workout?

    1. I didnt think of that, Kayla. Good thought though.