Sunday, August 10, 2014

let me tell you about the time....

I had a customer give me a gift card to Victoria's Secret.
Really? Yes.

I remember doing a transaction for a guy once and while I was counting out his nasty money he was telling me that he wanted to take me shopping and asking me where I like to shop. I tried to skirt the topic and I told him that I shopped at the mall when I needed something. I finished up his transaction as quickly as I could and got him out of there.

Fast forward about a week or so......
Every Monday we had staff meetings in our drive thru area and this Monday started off just like any other. Got to work for the meeting, had the meeting, sat around talking to my co-workers for a minute and then I got my drawer out and went to my window in the lobby. It was about 8:45am and the lobby wasn't open yet so I had some time to get all my stuff together and get ready for the day. As I'm logging in to my computer I hear a man in one of the banker's offices and I remember I thought it was strange because we only had 2 male employees and I know that both of them were still in the drive thru. I ignored it and continued what I was doing until I hear the man say "Oh, there she is!! Can I give it to her?" I looked up and I see the same creepy guy who wanted to take me shopping, and he is now walking towards me with a brown paper sack. He then lays it on my counter, winks and walks away. Uhh what? (You might be wondering why he was there if the branch wasn't open yet, he had to close on a loan and that was the only time he could be there) After he was out the door I look up and my manager, assistant manager, 2 bankers and one of my male co-workers all crowded around me to see what was in the bag. Truth be told I didn't even want to touch the bag. But I did and I dumped the contents out on to my counter, it was a little scrap of paper all wrinkled up and written on with a pencil and a pink striped gift box that said VICTORIA'S SECRET. I remember being so weirded out that I couldn't do anything but laugh. On the paper he had written me a note that basically said: I was at the mall and I was thinking about you so I got you this. It's not much but if you will let me take you, I will give you more money to spend.  WHAT???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  We called and the gift card had $25 dollars on it, I was in shock.

He came in a few weeks later and had the balls to ask me did I spend my gift card and I said "yeah, I did. And the guy that I'm dating really enjoyed what I bought, so thank you." BAM, IN YOUR FACE! I thought it was pretty clever. Of course everything I told him was true but I can't believe I said it all with a straight face. After he left my boss came up front and basically said that if he comes back in that someone else needs to help him because she wasn't comfortable with the way he interacted with me. All I could think was "fine with me!"

Now all of this happened in Fall of 2013 and just a couple of weeks ago I was on the way to a friend's house and I stopped and got a pizza at Papa John's and I walked in and who do you think was back in the kitchen area making the pizzas? You're right, my weird stalker. He hollered up at me, "Hey! Do you work at the bank??" I looked away, got my pizza and left.

It takes all kinds.


  1. Wow! You've had some crazy experiences at the bank!

  2. hahaha Just found your blog and had the BEST laugh! I'm a nurse and had a male patient asking me for my facebook name, you can't even imagine how quickly I turned away and secretly took off my name tag lol

    1. I'm glad you laughed! And I'm glad you found me. Hope you stick around! :)