Thursday, August 7, 2014

my apologies...

I kinda fell off the face of the planet for a minute. Every single day that I haven't been posting or reading everyone's blogs I've been thinkin about how I need to get back on here and on twitter.

All last week I was helping one of my good friends prepare for her wedding so when I would get home at night I would just pass out! Then on Monday morning I woke up with a nasty looking and painful spot on the inside of my left thigh. I knew what it was immediately and after work I went to the urgent care and had it looked at. MRSA. Don't google it because it's nasty. Since I noticed it so quickly I only have to take a week of antibiotics.

While adjusting to my new pay schedule I did have to get my credit card out because my first check was only enough to pay the bills that were due. I'm kinda miserable about that but the good news is that the next check I get will have 3 weeks of pay on it so I think I can get ahead again.

I decided to not turn my blog into a ".com".... yet. Its just not in the cards for me right now. I do however want to move to wordpress which I'm gonna start working on.

Sorry I vanished. Won't let it happen again.


  1. Glad you're alive! I hope you feel better soon! (also, welcome to the dark side aka wordpress)

  2. No problem with your absence, sounds like you were busy busy! Hope everything turns out ok in the end!