Friday, September 19, 2014

frugal fincon fiesta '14

Well as pretty much everyone and their dogs know its #FinCon14. And it's in NOLA (which is one of my dream vacation spots) and I'm not gonna lie, I'm jealous.
But some of us have to stick around and keep the blogosphere running! And we have to make that paper, lol.
So for those of us who are stayin we are having a blog hop.... would you expect anything else??

Here's the deets....

Join the FRUGAL FinCon Fiesta which will run Sep 18 – 20 to coincide with FINCON and allow people time to visit other blogs.

It’s a blog hop party and the purpose is to entertain questions from your readers.
This can be a great way to spawn future blog posts, if the answer is quite complex.

You can post some teaser questions and answers about random facts about yourself.

Non-blogger readers are encouraged to say ‘hi‘. (Oh please show us some love! <3)

Let’s do some banter in the comments as well, not the usual commenter comments and blogger responds. Let’s mix it up and comment to other’s comments for some $hits and giggles.

It will be super hot if you put a fiesta like picture in the header of your post.

We reserve the right to take down any spammy links or otherwise party-poopers who are not participating in the party with the spirit in which it was intended.

TWEET #FrugalFinConFiesta and HAVE FUN!

Let's do this guys.... ask me some questions.... the juicier the better!

Answer time!!!

Jean asked what my favorite vacation spot that I've been to- NYC. My mom took me there after I graduated high school and it was the best trip ever.

Brian asked me if my coworkers know about my blog, May asked the same and if they know then what do they say? - My current coworkers do not know. I feel that with some of my content its better to not broadcast it. I had one coworker at my old bank who knew and she thought it was great.

Femme frugality asked what my biggest PF win has been- this is a tough question. I think in my whole life my biggest win has been me paying so much on my car. I bought it for 18k in 2010 and I'm down to 5600 now.  That probably just means I'm right on track but it feels good to see such a drop in the number.

Brooke asked what is one big sacrifice/tactic I've used to pay off my debt more aggressively- The envelope system has definitely been my best tactic. I don't follow it like Dave Ramsey says but it works. My biggest sacrifice is just cutting back which seems silly but its true.

Tre asked what have I learned from starting my blog- That I'm not alone and that really helps. Its nice to be "surrounded" by people who know what I feel everyday and stuff.

Debs asked how did I decide on a career in banking and what would my second choice be- I kinda just happened upon the job and ended up loving it. My second choice would be an event planner but in my city there isn't a huge market for that.

Natalya asked how I lift myself up when its a bit too much on the repayment front- I dont know. I honestly still haven't figured out that aspect and thats probably why I disappear so frequently because I feel overwhelmed a lot.

Downstairs in Debt asked me what do I enjoy doing when I'm not blogging- I love hangin out with my friends. Watching movies. Doing crafts. Being silly. :)


  1. Welcome to the fiesta! So, since you can't go to NOLA this time -- what's the favorite vacation spot that you _have_ been to?

  2. Do your co-workers at your bank know you blog?

  3. What is one big sacrifice / tactic you've used to start paying your debt down more aggressively??

  4. Glad to see you joined the party. I have the same question as Brian actually.... and if they know what do they say?

  5. Welcome to the blog party? What have you learned from starting your blog?

  6. How did you decide on a career in banking? What is your second career choice?

    Thanks for joining in the Frugal FinCon Fiesta, Spunky!

  7. Hi Spunky!

    My question would be - how do you lift yourself up when it all becomes a bit too much on the debt-repayment front?

    Thanks! Natalya@CottageRetreatist

  8. Hi Spunky! What do you enjoy doing when you're not blogging?