Thursday, November 27, 2014


Well, to stay I'm "stuck" is an understatement. I've been on what seems like a never ending spiral of depression. Some days are good but those days are rare.

The house that I bought fell thru about a week after my last post. When we made the contract the seller agreed to pay only $250 of any repairs that would need to be done. We had the inspection and it came back that there was basically $2000 worth of repairs that needed to be done, and that was without the things that would need to be looked at by an electrician or a plumber or whatever. So I didn't go thru with the house. I was crushed but it's all for the best. So I'm still living with my parents and I've decided that it is not terrible and I'm working hard to save up some money and whatnot.

I've talked about my depression before and I have mentioned that I see a therapist about once a month. I've been feeling worse and worse over the past few weeks and my therapist has been trying me on different anti-depressants. Well my therapist suggested that I might have adrenal fatigue. Basically it has a lot of the same symptoms as thyroid problems but I've had my thyroid checked about 3 times in two years and it always comes back normal. What are the symptoms I'm having you might ask? (Okay you're probably not asking but I'm going to tell you anyway) Basically I'm always exhausted, this is not just a tired feeling it is honestly exhaustion. I wake up in the morning and am tired all day, I sometimes take a nap on my lunch break. I go to sleep between 8 and 9 pm and sleep until around 7. I have severe anxiety. There are sometimes reasons for my anxiety but sometimes I could be having a relatively good day and then bam, all of the sudden I am so anxious that I can't even think straight. I crave large amounts of carbs (which doesn't sound like a symptom but it actually is), I always want some kind of bread or potatoes or really anything like that and if I get my hands on it then I could honestly eat til I'm sick. My therapist suggested that I go to a specific doctor that is the only doctor in our area who will test for adrenal fatigue. The only problem? She doesn't accept insurance. I was sketch about this at first so my dad had some of his doctor friends check in to it. Basically she doesn't accept insurance because most insurance companies won't pay for the tests that she does. My dad gave me the go ahead and I went to see her. I had to do a blood test (like 4 tubes!!!) and I had to do a 24 hour urine and saliva collection. I sent that all in and got the results back this week. I don't have full on adrenal fatigue but I am on the road to it. I couldn't explain to you what she said but she gave me a few different (all natural) meds that I have to take during the day. We are hoping that this will even out my DHEA and dopamine and seratonin and other levels so that I can start to feel better. (Keep in mind that I asked my dad and his doctor friends before I started taking these meds and they all agreed that this doctor is not a quack and that these meds should help me feel better)

I'm obviously still trying to stay on track with my budgeting and debt repayment but for now my main focus is trying to feel better.

I hope I didn't lose any readers since I kinda disappeared, I've missed yall.


  1. We're all still here! We missed you!!

    Try to keep up with your financial goals, but the main thing is your health - the house thing was probably a blessing in disguise. I hope you feel better soon =)

  2. Yep, still here!!! I enjoy reading your posts and have been checking in about every week. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  3. Still here!! I missed you!! I'm also glad you found out about the repairs before the sale was finalized and it was too late. Take care of yourself first <3

  4. I'm glad to hear that you sought out a dedicated specialist for your problem! Best of luck on your full recovery!

  5. I hope you get it all figured out Spunky! We miss you. Get to feeling better :)